SG360 GEM Award Winners

SG360 believes that great employees matter. This is why we’ve created the GEM Awards.
(GEM = Great Employees Matter)

2020 GEM Employee of the Year: TBD

2020 GEM Award Winners

  • 1st Quarter

    Dulce Miranda Perez (NEA), Gabrela Aguirre (KC), Maribel Rodriguez (Alabama), Rhonda Holliday (Melbourne), and Nancy Pagan (Tampa)

  • 2nd Quarter

    Ausencio Sanchez (NEA), Lorena Rosa (KC), Patricia Ingraham (Alabama), Stafeira Moo (Melbourne), Scott Main (Nashville), Katherine Martin (Richmond), and Daisy Rodriguez (Tampa)

  • 3rd Quarter

    Armida Urbina (Jonesboro), Wanda Killman (NEA North), and Dwayne Thomas (NEA South)

2019 GEM Employee of the Year:
Leonard Williams

Congratulations to Leonard Williams of NEA! Leonard started with SG360 on February 19, 2018. He is our lead supervisor at our Nucor customer location. Leonard is responsible for all our safety and environmental training that is required by Nucor. He does an outstanding job and is always willing to go above and beyond what is required.

Leonard will receive a $500 gift card, certificate, and plaque for his achievement. Normally, this would have been presented by our CEO, Dave Harvey, however, due to travel restrictions still in place, we do not want to delay this presentation any longer. Local management team will make the presentation to him.

2019 GEM Award Winners

  • 1st Quarter

    Dakota Teague (NWA), Rene Marinez (KC), Shemekia Thompson (Alabama), Jan Trebley (Melbourne), Virginia Rice (Richmond) and Pedro Maldonado (NEA)

  • 2nd Quarter

    Albert Port (Alabama), Milagro Fantony (Melbourne), Romaine Parker (Richmond), and Rusbel Garcia (NEA)

  • 3rd Quarter

    Carmen Adorno (Melbourne) and Leonard Williams (NEA)

  • 4th Quarter

    Anibel Rivas (Melbourne) and Willie Jordan (NEA)

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