Maintain a Safe Environment with a Dedicated Dallas Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service.

SG360 provides customizable and reliable cleaning services to take the burden off customers.

Janitorial and facility maintenance is now a critical service. Property managers must know when and how their space is being cleaned and disinfected and there is no room for error.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial site, a school, a healthcare facility, or a special use facility every workspace deserves a custom cleaning solution that fits the space.

With SG360, Dallas customers will be able to:

  • Understand exactly what work is being done in their building with transparent reporting
  • Provide occupants with a safe environment and a 24/7 emergency cleaning guarantee
  • Focus on their business instead of managing their cleaning service
  • Use cleaning services provided by local employees who support their community

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Full-Service Cleaning and Disinfecting in Dallas

Employees, customers, and occupants deserve to feel safe when returning to work. SG360 offers specialized processes and cleaning techniques to help businesses meet regulations and provide a safe environment for occupants. 

SG360 offers janitorial, disinfecting, and facility maintenance services including:

  • Disinfect workspaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • Professional cleaning and facility services
  • Inventory management
  • Pressure washing
  • Carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care

Customers Deserve Transparency From Local Commercial Cleaners

SG360 understands that now, more than ever, the level of transparency between a customer and their facility services team needs to be heightened. Through a systemized approach, SG360 provides Dallas customers with a clear understanding of the work being done in their space. 

It’s not enough to hire a disinfection company and assume the work is being done. That’s why SG360 follows the same approach with every customer: 

  1. Understand the metrics that matter to the customer
  2. Train our W2 employees on how to best achieve those metrics
  3. Report what work is being done for customers on a regular basis
  4. Compare the end result  to the original agreement

SG360 customers can better understand when and how their space is being cleaned and disinfected. And with regularly shifting requirements due to COVID-19, businesses need a flexible service that matches their needs. Adjusting to frequency-driven requirements in real-time is just one way SG360 delivers beyond the typical commercial cleaning service in Dallas. 

Go Beyond Standard Commercial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are not about idling the building in regular shifts. Customers must understand exactly what work is being done to make employees and occupants feel safe. 

SG360 takes a step beyond the average Dallas commercial cleaner. We provide proactive responses and consistent communication through our unique program management. This leads to deeper insights into the services and predictable monthly billing. 

Customers also benefit from a 24/7 emergency cleaning guarantee, to alleviate stress and help customers focus on their business. 

The SG360 Difference

Any janitorial service can offer standard cleaning services, but only SG360 offers customers: 

  • A transparent and systemized approach to maintaining a safe environment
  • A local business feel with regional resources
  • Flexible and customizable solutions to meet shifting needs
  • Customizable facility cleaning done in the most cost-effective way possible 

Regional Resources with a Local Commercial Cleaner Feel

Companies want the assurance and skills of a valued regional partner, but the personal touch that only local employees can bring. SG360 works hard to support Dallas and its local communities by hiring employees that live and work in the communities they serve. This brings an added level of engagement and dedication to our customers, as well as extra support to the local economy.

All SG360 staff are vetted and trained in the use of equipment and disinfectant processes, enabling them to provide the customer with consistent service delivery. We offer the personal touch of a local commercial cleaner with regional resources that deliver transparent and consistent cleaning services.