Benefits of Outsourcing

  • High-Quality Facility Services

    Our unique Thorough Cleaning System produces measurably better quality than anyone else in the industry.

  • Company Savings

    We specialize in facility cleaning and can therefore do it the most cost effective way possible.

  • Facility Service Partner

    We partner with our clients to achieve the results they desire for their unique facility.

  • Company Stability

    Our above-average pay, benefits and work environment give us low turnover and dedicated employees that provide better overall performance and security.

  • Program Management

    We manage the cleaning program for you! We free you up to devote your time to your core business, which means no more worries about scheduling coverage for vacations, sick days, turnover and holidays.

  • Budgets

    We’ll provide you with predictable and consistent monthly billing to keep your budget and expenses steady and stable from year to year, and we’ll design a program to fit your budget!