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About SG360

We ensure your workspace makes the first right impression. To deliver this we provide a complete 360-degree cleaning experience. We recruit trained staff who are experts to handle anything from college campus to local office. The staff uses only the latest technologies and procedures to deliver top-notch cleaning services. The client gets a clean, safe and healthy environment that boosts the work performance. So whether it’s an office building, clinic or school, we work everywhere. Richmond cleaning services keep your buildings sparkling and promote a healthy work environment.

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Richmond City Services

Janitorial cleaning services

A job isn't completed until it's done right! That's why we offer the highest standards of janitorial cleaning services to our customers. Our team located at Richmond follow an efficient cleaning process which combines advanced technology and high-quality products. So whether you are a business owner or a facility manager, we're here to make your property spotless and shine
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Richmond City Services

Janitorial cleaning services

Our verified professionals leave no stone unturned while cleaning your home, office or any commercial space.
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Commercial window cleaning

We provide a trained and experienced window washing team who will make your window sparkling clean.
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Industries Overview


From daily cleaning to high level disinfecting, we offer complete cleaning services. Our systematic approach helps protect the health of your students & staff.


We remove dust, dirt, and unpleasant odour from your commercial space. Keeping your cleaning needs in mind, we can design a customized cleaning program.

Health care

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is important for a patient’s health and staff members. So we follow a thorough approach and patient-centric cleaning programs in the health care sector.


We design industry customized cleaning programs that easily fit in your business operations. Be it the front office, warehouse or plant floor, we have the expertise and equipment to manage all.

Special Use

No matter which event is planned, you deserve a clean stadium, spotless hall or a movie theatre. We keep your ever-changing schedule and needs in mind and provide bang on services timely.

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