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As workspaces begin to reopen, property managers need transparency into the disinfection and cleaning of their sites. Whether it’s a commercial building, industrial site, school, or healthcare facility, employees, patrons, and occupants deserve to feel safe.

A free quote from SG360 includes a customized cleaning solution that meets the space’s specific requirements.

With SG360, customers will be able to:

  • Understand exactly what work is being done in their building with transparent reporting

  • Provide occupants with a safe environment and a 24/7 emergency cleaning guarantee

  • Focus on their business instead of managing their cleaning service

  • Use local cleaning services provided employees who support their community

SG360 has 25 years of experience in providing safe environments for commercial and industrial sites, schools, universities, health care facilities, and special-use facilities. With branch offices throughout the Midwest and Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged.

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