Our main goal is providing superior service to every customer. SG360 does this through CLEO.

CLEO is Cleaning Leading Edge Optimization

Behind our team lies CLEO, our proprietary, highly-refined workflow process system built through the experience gathered from serving hundreds of clients and managing countless properties. SG360 has developed this exclusive technology ourselves. By partnering with us, you become part of an elite group of businesses that can tap into the benefits of CLEO that only SG360 has.


CLEO provides the backbone of our entire operation as it allows all our software and technology to communicate together. Everything from our CRM to our budgeting software is tied together through CLEO. With all of our software linked, CLEO allows SG360 to give you what no other company can – real time communication between systems, departments, and ultimately, you.

Why Does it Matter?

The more efficient we are, the better we can serve you. You are hiring SG360 because you want someone on your side. Someone who will handle all your janitorial needs so you can focus on everything else. CLEO optimizes our supply chain and helps us achieve maximum efficiency, giving our clients the best results, every time. That is our promise to you. That is The SG360 Way. 


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Why is CLEO Important?

It is common for janitorial companies to use a software platform to help manage their day to day business. CLEO isn’t just one platform – CLEO connects all of SG360 software together, allowing us to communicate through technology in real time.


CLEO holds SG360 accountable to our customers through real time reporting and communication. It also holds SG360 accountable to our employees and our employees accountable to us through these interconnected systems

CLEO in Action

SG360’s Operational Management software is a piece of our CLEO ecosystem. This software is used internally to manage employee time, schedules, inspections, messages, service issues and supply management. SG360 is able to hold our employees accountable to where they are and what they are doing. Our managers utilize the system each day to manage their teams. Through reports such as Check In Attempts and See No-Shows & Late Check-ins, we have complete visibility. We can manage our operations proactively instead of reactively.

Ensuring that our customers know the results of our internal inspections or progress on any service issues reported, holds SG360 accountable. It also provides complete transparency between our team and yours. After on-boarding, all customers have access to our system. They can log in to report and view service issues and completed inspection results.

Within CLEO you can:


  • Send pictures and descriptions of issues
  • See outstanding issues and when they were opened
  • Get notified when issues are resolved and see pictures of the completed work



  • Send messages knowing that the right person will see them
  • See a history of what was communicated about each location



  • View the results of completed inspections from our managers
SG360 Inspections in CLEO

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