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Maintain Safe Sites with a Committed Tampa Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service.

SG360 offers custom cleaning services for commercial and industrial sites, hospitals, schools, and special-use facilities.

Janitorial and facility maintenance is a critical service. It’s not enough to assume a workspace is being cleaned properly. There must be transparent and frequent communication between the service provider and customers around when and how spaces are being cleaned and disinfected.

With SG360, Tampa customers will be able to:

  • Understand when and how work is being done through frequent and open reporting
  • Provide a safe environment for occupants
  • Work with local employees who support their community
  • Use green cleaning services to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals


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Clean, Disinfect, and Maintain Tampa Workspaces

Everyone deserves to feel safe whether they’re in a commercial or industrial space, hospital, school, or special use facility. That’s why SG360 uses tested and specialized cleaning techniques to provide a safe environment for occupants.

SG360 offers janitorial, disinfecting, and facility maintenance services including:

  • Custom disinfection services
  • Professional cleaning and facility services
  • Inventory management
  • Exterior building services (window cleaning, waterproofing, pressure washing)
  • Carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care

Vetted and Trained Tampa Janitorial Professionals

SG360 staff members are vetted and highly-trained in the disinfectant processes. These W2 employees provide customers with consistent service that builds trust. All SG360 employees live and work in their local communities, offering a personal touch to customers.

Reduce Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals and Contaminants

SG360’s Project Green Clean offers Green Cleaning services that reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and particulate contaminants.

SG360’s Project Green Clean helps businesses:

  • Minimize chemical use wherever possible
  • Use only sustainable cleaning products
  • Reduce the recirculation of airborne particles
  • Eliminate 99% of bacteria with chemical-free cleaning

Know When and How Janitorial Work is Being Done

COVID-19 has brought about shifting and frequency-driven health requirements that Tampa businesses must adhere to. Doing that requires custom services that match specific business needs.

SG360 offers a systemized process that starts with understanding the metrics that matter to the customer. W2 employees are then trained on how to best achieve those metrics and the work being done is reported back to customers on a regular basis. The work is then compared to the original agreement, helping customers clearly understand the value that was delivered.

Case Study — How Office Leadership Ensures Occupant Safety During a Pandemic

See how an office complex customer ensured a safe environment for occupants using SG360’s custom disinfection services and detailed reporting.


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