Andalusia, AL

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service for Andalusia, Alabama

Near the Panhandle Gulf Coast of Florida, SG360’s Andalusia location offers custom cleaning services for south-central Alabama commercial and industrial sites, hospitals, schools, and special-use facilities.

With branch offices throughout the Southeast, SG360, a 4M Building Solutions company, live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged. Our employees believe in that personal touch to ensure we’re partnering with you to provide a reliable, consistent and custom cleaning service for your facility while taking the burden off you. There’s no “one size fits all” with our team.

Janitorial and facility maintenance is a critical service. It is not enough to assume a workspace is being cleaned properly. There must be transparent and frequent communication between the service provider and customers around when and how spaces are being cleaned and disinfected.

With SG360, Andalusia customers will be able to:

  • Understand when and how work is being done through frequent and open reporting
  • Provide a safe environment for occupants
  • Work with local south-central Alabama employees who support their community
  • Use green cleaning services to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals

We at SG360 are committed to providing high-quality janitorial while doing our part to protect the health and environment of your facility and its occupants.

You don’t have the time, space or money to constantly stock toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and the variety of other products you use on a daily basis. Let us do the work for you! We’ll monitor and track all of your inventory coming in and out of your building. Just specify your needs and we’ll do the rest!


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Clean, Disinfect, and Maintain Andalusia Workspaces

Everyone deserves to feel safe whether they are in a commercial or industrial space, hospital, school, or special use facility. That is why SG360 uses tested and specialized cleaning techniques to provide a safe environment for occupants.

SG360 offers janitorial, disinfecting, and facility maintenance services including:

  • Custom disinfection services
  • Professional cleaning and facility services
  • Inventory management
  • Exterior building services (window cleaning, waterproofing, Pressure washing)

Why Choose SG360?

Our proud SG360 staff members from Alabama are vetted and highly trained in the disinfectant processes. These W2 employees provide their customers with consistent service that builds trust. All SG360 employees live and work in their local Andalusian communities, offering a personal Alabama touch to their customers.

Industries We Serve:

  • Education: a clean school = happy students and faculty.
  • Commercial: we’re the facility management specialists who stay focused.
  • Health Care: medical facilities take a special and careful approach.
  • Industrial: we’re the facility management specialists who stay focused.
  • Special Use: special use projects, no problem.

SG360 Founders Philosophy

We strive to create a company that values not only our clients – who we view as true partners – but also our employees, who are our most important asset. They’re our ambassadors in our local communities, providing the high-quality and professional work that allows your business to shine.

It’s not enough to hire a disinfection company and assume the work is being done. That’s why SG360 follows the same approach with every customer:

  1. Understand the metrics that matter to the customer
  2. Train our W2 employees on how to best achieve those metrics
  3. Report what work is being done for customers on a regular basis
  4. Compare the end result to the original agreement

SG360 customers can better understand when and how their space is being cleaned and disinfected. And with regularly shifting requirements due to COVID-19, businesses need a flexible service that matches their needs. Adjusting to frequency-driven requirements in real-time is just one way SG360 delivers beyond the typical commercial cleaning service in Arkansas.

SG360 Cleaning Services for Health Care

Medical facilities take a special and careful approach. After all, your patients and visitors judge your entire organization through their perception of its cleanliness—one dirty bathroom or hallway can ruin your reputation. A clean and sanitary environment will not only mean a safer facility but also higher patient satisfaction scores and successful audits.

Our team members are specially trained to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. They also understand the importance of sanitization and making sure every workspace is properly sterilized to prevent the spread of germs. Our on-site supervisor will work directly with your crew to develop a cleaning plan that suits your needs.

SC360 Special Services and Facilities Maintenance

Taking care of your facility involves more than just janitorial, so SG360 is proud to be your complete facility maintenance team. From floors to ceilings, escalators to parking lots, we have you covered!

Work With Local Andalusia Cleaners Backed By Resources From the Southeast Region

SG360 has over 30 years of experience creating safe environments for commercial and industrial sites, schools, universities, health care facilities, and special-use facilities. With branch offices throughout the Midwest and Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged.

Whether you’re in an office building, school, manufacturing facility, hospital or anything in between, productivity matters. A thorough janitorial cleaning service keeps germs from spreading and causing illnesses that prevent your staff from doing their best work. And our specialized processes and cleaning techniques ensure a healthier environment for all of your occupants.

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