Property Managers Can Increase Occupant Safety With Emergency Office Disinfection Services.

Reduce the Spread of Infectious Diseases and Comply With Regulations at a Moment’s Notice.

Employees, clients, and occupants deserve to feel safe. To make that happen, spaces like commercial or industrial sites, schools, healthcare buildings, and special use facilities must be properly disinfected.

With SG360, Property Managers can:

  • Address immediate concerns with a 24/7 emergency disinfection guarantee
  • Increase employee safety, health, and morale
  • Enhance the business’s reputation
  • Comply with industry standards and shifting regulations.

SG360 has 25 years of experience creating safe environments for commercial and industrial sites, schools, universities, health care facilities, and special-use facilities. With branch offices throughout the Midwest and Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged.

A Full Range of Emergency Cleaning Services

With some businesses looking at ways to safely reopen, COVID disinfection services are critical. And when exposure can happen at any moment, emergency disinfection services must be at the ready. Proper disinfection requires specialized processes and cleaning techniques that help businesses meet regulations and provide a safe environment for occupants. SG360 offers janitorial, disinfecting, and facility maintenance services including:
  • Electrostatic disinfecting
  • Fogging/misting disinfecting
  • Deep cleans
  • Touchpoint cleaning (Common space and porter-level services)
  • Disinfecting supplies
  • Detailed cleaning with disinfectant


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24-hour Emergency Cleaning From Trained, Local Professionals

With regularly shifting health requirements due to COVID-19, businesses need a flexible service that matches their needs at a moment’s notice. To meet these demands, a partner must adjust to frequency-driven requirements in real-time. It’s not enough to hire a disinfection service and assume the work is being done.

That’s why SG360 offers a 24/7 guarantee when it comes to emergency cleaning and disinfection services. SG360 provides a custom approach to every client we work with, ensuring occupants are safe and spaces are properly disinfected. We are at the ready to help our clients when they need it most.

Helping an Office Complex Combat COVID-19

A commercial client needed to make sure their space was being properly disinfected. This required a level of quality control and reporting that helps occupants fully understand how and when disinfection is being done. They turned to SG360 after understanding our in-depth disinfection services and reporting.

With SG360, this office complex client was able to:

  • Understand the work being done through transparent reporting
  • Meet shifting health demands
  • Make occupants feel safe with consistent disinfections
  • Focus on their business instead of managing their cleaning service

Standard Disinfection Services Won’t Cut It

The average commercial cleaner may be idling the building in regular shifts and spraying down services in regularly scheduled intervals. That isn’t enough when health demands are shifting so frequently. 

SG360 provides immediate responses to emergency needs and consistent communication through our unique program management. We are a trusted partner to clients, helping them provide safe environments for occupants. 

The SG360 Difference

Any janitorial service can offer standard cleaning services, but only SG360 offers clients: 

  • A transparent and systemized approach to maintaining a safe environment
  • A local business feel with regional resources
  • Flexible and customizable solutions to meet shifting needs
  • Customizable facility cleaning done in the most cost-effective way possible

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