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Richmond is the New Home of SG360 Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service

You cannot and should not assume that your workspace is being kept as clean as need be in the new world of on-site business. Staff, employees, and students are especially cautious when it comes to returning to the office, hospitals, schools, special-use facilities, and commercial and industrial sites. SG360 offers custom cleaning services required by our clients and neighbors in Richmond, Virginia’s capital city.

As part of this attention to detail and focus on cleanliness and sanitation, it’s essential that janitorial and facility maintenance is held accountable and that workspaces are being cleaned properly and completely. Full communication, compliance, and transparency are essential to our Greater Richmond Region clients. Customers want to know when and how spaces are being cleaned and disinfected.



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Work With Local Commercial Cleaners Backed By Regional Resources

With branch offices throughout the Midwest and Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged. We have a number of locations to help customers find janitorial services near their business or facility.

Benefits of Outsourcing to SG360 Richmond:

  • High-Quality Facility Services: our unique Thorough Cleaning System produces measurably better quality than anyone else in the industry.
  • Company Savings: we specialize in facility cleaning and can therefore do it the most cost effective way possible.
  • Facility Service Partner: we partner with our clients to achieve the results they desire for their unique facility.
  • Company Stability: our above-average pay, benefits and work environment give us low turnover and dedicated employees that provide better overall performance and security.
  • Program Management: we manage the cleaning program for you! We free you up to devote your time to your core business, which means no more worries about scheduling coverage for vacations, sick days, turnover and holidays.
  • Budgets: we’ll provide you with predictable and consistent monthly billing to keep your budget and expenses steady and stable from year to year, and we’ll design a program to fit your budget!

Who is SG360?

SG360 is a facility services company specializing in janitorial, facilities management, and inventory management. Our proprietary Thorough Cleaning System sets us apart, giving our clients a 360-degree, full-circle cleaning experience. We recruit our own cleaning talent – thereby hiring better, paying better, training better – all with the end goal of providing better quality, service and performance for our clients. We call that the “SG360 Way.”

With SG360, Richmond customers will be able to:

  • Provide a safe environment for occupants
  • Understand when and how work is being done through frequent and open reporting
  • Use green cleaning services to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals
  • Work with local employees who support their community

SG360 Commercial Cleaning Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re an airport, shopping center, bank or manufacturing facility—you need and expect a clean, well-maintained facility. We’re the facility management specialists who stay focused on delivering the services you expect. We deliver the latest techniques, equipment, technology, and processes to ensure we’re able to deliver the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

Don’t worry about “one size fits all” because we can design a custom cleaning & maintenance package for your facility.

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols from SG360 Richmond

SG360 uses steam heat along with EPA- and CDC-approved disinfecting solutions to clean sidewalks, parking garages, and exterior surfaces. These protocols sterilize high-traffic areas where customers, employees, or building occupants may otherwise experience a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Know When and How Janitorial Work is Being Done

COVID-19 has brought about shifting and frequency-driven health requirements that Richmond businesses must adhere to. Doing that requires custom services that match specific business needs and any special requirements by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Richmond.

SG360 offers a systemized process that starts with understanding the metrics that matter to the customer. Virginian W2 employees are then trained on how to best achieve those metrics and the work being done is reported back to customers on a regular basis. The work is then compared to the original agreement, helping customers clearly understand the value that was delivered.


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