Jonesboro & Springdale, AR

Property Managers in Arkansas Need Reliable Janitorial Services to Keep Sites Safe.

Every workspace deserves a custom cleaning solution and every property manager should know when the work is being done. This includes commercial or industrial sites, schools, healthcare facilities, and special-use buildings.

With SG360, Jonesboro & Springdale Customers Succeed Through:

  • A deeper understanding of the work being done with transparent reporting
  • Safe environments and a 24/7 emergency cleaning guarantee for occupants
  • More time to focus on their business instead of managing their cleaning service
  • Highly trained, local Jonesboro employees who support their community

SG360 and its parent company, 4M Building Solutions, has more than 46 years of experience creating safe environments for commercial and industrial sites, schools, universities, health care facilities, and special-use facilities. With branch offices throughout the Southeast, we live and work in our clients’ communities with a strong commitment to being fully engaged.



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Full-Service Cleaning and Disinfecting in Jonesboro & Springdale, Arkansas

Employees, customers, and occupants should feel safe when returning to work. SG360 uses unique processes and specialized cleaning techniques to help businesses meet regulations and provide a safe environment for occupants.

SG360 offers janitorial, disinfecting, and facility maintenance services including:

  • Disinfect workspaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • Professional cleaning and facility services
  • Inventory management
  • Carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care

Jonesboro School System Maintains Cleanliness with SG360

While Valley View Public Schools in Jonesboro, Arkansas was using its own custodial staff for daytime service it dealt with illnesses, short staffing, and a lack of coverage. Due to SG360’s well-received work on the night-shift, the school system decided to outsource all custodial needs across 10 facilities to SG360.

“We didn’t have to worry about whether the shift was filled or not, if someone was sick or whatever—they had a replacement employee there,” said Bryan Russel, Superintendent.

SG360 made the transition seamless and implemented easy feedback mechanisms for employees.

SG360 not only provides great service, they provide them at a very competitive price,” Russel said. “They’re a very good company.”

Regional Resources With The Feel of a Local Commercial Cleaner

Highly skilled employees that live in the area. That’s what SG360 provides customers. A core belief of SG360 is to support Jonesboro and Springdale by hiring employees that live and work in the communities they serve. This brings an added level of engagement and dedication to our customers, as well as extra support to the local economy.

All SG360 staff are vetted and trained in the use of equipment and disinfectant processes, enabling them to provide the customer with consistent service delivery. We offer the personal touch of a local commercial cleaner with regional resources that deliver transparent and consistent cleaning services.

We at SG360 ensure your workspace makes the first right impression. To deliver this we provide a complete 360-degree cleaning experience. We recruit trained staff who are experts to handle anything from college campus to local office. The staff uses only the latest technologies and procedures to deliver top-notch cleaning services. The client gets a clean, safe and healthy environment that boosts work performance. So whether it’s an office building, clinic, or school, we work everywhere. SG360 will keep your buildings sparkling and promote a healthy work environment.

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