Better cleaning through technology: How new advancements are changing the industry

Janitorial Technology

I’ll admit: I was skeptical when I first saw a Roomba. Maybe even more curious. How does it know where to go? What happens when it hits the edge of the stairs? Does it work? Ever since Rosey the Robot first wheeled across our TV sets, we’ve looked to technology to help us with our cleaning efforts, both at work …

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Why aren’t you outsourcing?

Benefits of outsourcing janitorial

Growing up in the Southwest, I can relate with the do-it-yourself mentality. At the onset, taking on the staffing, management and coordination of a janitorial staff feels doable. But in reality, this burden spreads administration’s time, energy and resources thin. Schools in Georgia have learned firsthand the cost benefits of outsourcing custodial services, with 36.7 percent currently using a private …

Asthma, Air Quality and Absenteeism: What’s the Connection?

Janitorial Services for Schools and Educational Facilities

The weather’s getting warmer as Spring approaches, and while the flowers in your garden may be coming back to life, your students may be catching not only spring fever but possibly something worse. Every student anxiously awaits spring break, but other school absences can be detrimental to the learning process. In fact, while the majority of kids will miss at …