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3 Important Winter Cleaning Services for Your Office Building

Snow may look light, friendly and fluffy but can cause quite the mess in your office Building. When it snows many office buildings put Sand and Salt on the sidewalks and Entrances. When tracked in on people’s feet, your office floors can get damaged. However, with regular cleaning you can ensure your office floors, carpets and windows survive the winter months.

1. Floor Cleaning:
During the winter months, countless individuals track in Snow, Ice, Sand, Salt and other unwanted dangers with their shoes. Maintaining your floors during this time is crucial. Not maintaining your floors can cause them to scratch, lose color and even stain. SG360 can not only provide floor maintenance throughout the day, to stay on top of the snow but also handle any other floor needs, no matter the season. Through our experience working with an office building, medical facilities, schools, special use venues and everything in between, we can troubleshoot causes and corrections for dull or streaked floors, help with preventive maintenance to reduce floor damage, and restore and maintain your floors through burnishing and buffing.

2. Carpet Cleaning:
Carpets, just like hard surface floors can be damaged by the winter elements. Regular vacuuming and Carpet Cleaning can ensure your carpets are cleaner and stain-free from the sand, mud, and salt that gets tracked in. The more soil buildup in carpet, the harder it is to remove, and some spots may become stained, making them very difficult if not impossible to remove. Regular and thorough carpet cleaning not only makes a good impression on your guests, but it helps protect your investment by extending the life of your flooring.

3. Window Cleaning
Winter weather, can be harsh and sometimes even reduce the efficiency of your windows. This can lead to a variety of issues, both aesthetic and maintenance-related. Having clean windows in the winter can allow more natural light inside your office, helping to reduce power bills. Snow, Salt and Grime can make your windows dirty and if not cleaned properly they can degrade faster over time.